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This a review of the whole series.

I have to say that this is by far one of the most professional (both in appearnace and in production) flash series' i've seen on newgrounds. Firstly you've actaully made the effort to make a series rather than a one off with a cheesey "to be continued" at the end, this series really does continue and thank god it does. The animation is the best film noite on newgrounds bar none, the voice acting as previously mentioned gives it real edge, your style is original, your concept and charcaters are your own creations, this could be seen as a parody of batman although the story lines are differnet the enemy in this flash is similar to the joker and the main character does transform into a bat, haha although having said that this is still unique and in no way copying anothers style, to my knowledge anyway, i look forward to your future installments, keep em' coming!

quite funny...

all the characters were from other stories (sanosuke sagara from rurouni kenshin, vincent valentine from ff7 and Asuka from neon genesis evangelion) it would have been better if you'd had your own characters...
also i don't wanna bust your balls but sano is not a ninja but a street brawler and for christ sake ninjas are not heroes who save damsels in distress but assasins of the feudal japanese era, i.e they don't jump around in broad daylight! still even tough you got a few facts wrong the actual film was pretty good and deserves the praise its had already but there are a few errors you could correct but dont really need to...

Damn that was funny!

Especialy the kids voices; genious!

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Annoying eh?

Im a little disapointed that all you managed to come up with was a half assed dress-up. As for the annoying music its kinddof ironic as i probably spent more time putting it together than the flash itself. i blow my nose at you.


Hell Yeah!


This obviously a very good re-make of the classic game rampage making it available to all, so thats cool of you. i would have given you more except i never liked rampage...sorry dude

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